KARALL software transforms your PC into a professional player for karaoke, jukebox and live-music
Satellite-Mobile system for Wi-Fi connection of users with Smartphones
Professional MP3 Audio-Lyrics Medley Editor


KarAll represents the state of the art in the world of music and entertainment softwares

No other similar program is comparable for richness and exclusivity of functionality, compatibility with any audio / video format and with any Windows version (guarantee for the future!), Ease of use and practicality, stability, robustness, reliability and, last but not least, support and assistance, an essential feature for those who use such a product for professional reasons

Any type of archive, audio or video, if it contains any standard format of chord text and markers, is pre-processed, pre-cleaned, "pre-digested" and presented in the most elegant and effective way possible

And each song (audio or video) can be associated with a preset of FX effects that are automatically enabled at the beginning of the performance

KarAll's karaoke window: complete, elegant, comfortable, effective, multifunctional

The "skin" is fully customizable for font, background (images and videos), effects, splash screens, etc. And the prepared skin is adjustable and recalled 'on the fly' when you want to totally change the look.

If an external video (or video projector, TV-Out) is installed the text will be displayed on that device in full screen

A 'music stand' will be available for the professional on the main monitor to be able to follow and possibly participate in the performance

KarAll includes exceptional exclusive functions for a complete and efficient management of song archives:

° Multiple databases of songs (in MS-Access format)
° Search for songs with text, duplicates, songs with errors
° 'On-the-fly' queries for immediate selection of a song category
° Quick search or 'intelligent' selection of songs
° Playlists : static or dynamic ladders

If you are a music lover, professional or amateur, KarAll supports you with:

° Automatic search for chords in Midi songs and real-time display (worldwide exclusive)
° Print Song-Book type Canzoniere: perfectly synchronized text and chords
° Print catalog of songs

Audio Recording, and more. Just connect a webcam and KarAll will allow you some spectacular features:

° Audio / Video recording
° Webcam preview
° Take a photo and it becomes the new background image of the Karaoke window
° Live-View. Live captured video becomes the dynamic background of the Karaoke window. It can also be directed to the 2nd video (Megascreen) with an exciting effect for the audience

KARALL, your MP3 CDG Karaoke Editor. For Editing / Synchro and conversion between various formats

° Karaoke text editing
° Midi to MP3 conversion (text included!)
° MP3 to CDG conversion
And if you use the editor for personal purposes ... it's all Free!
And then there's AKME Audio karaoke Medley editor...

KarAll AKME. We could say that the word AKME derives from the Greek ακμή (Excellence) but we want to be modest and let's say that it simply stands for Audio Karaoke Medley Editor: UNIQUE!

° Selection of parts of the songs and automatic resynchronization of the lyrics
° Effects between the songs: FadeIn, Out, Cross fade, Join ...
° Vocal remove, change of pitch
° Balanced output, application of filters: Gain, Bass, Treble

and your evening becomes ... a Show!

Directly from their Smartphone each customer can:
° Book songs for karaoke and / or jukebox
° Send public messages on the Megascreen or private to the Manager
° During a competition: vote for each performance
° Chat privately with other customers (encryption)
° Order snacks and drinks for themselves or to offer them to 'someone' with a message attached

KARALL SATELLITE MOBILE®, the global control of the system

Using so many "delicate" features it is important to be able to perform a series of checks to avoid abuse. KarAll allows the Service Manager to have complete control of the system. He can immediately intervene with respect to abuses or "rude" being able, for example, to disqualify a singer "too voted", deleting "disrespectful" messages, etc to the point of excluding (ban) the most turbulent users from the system

Dedicated to the BLIND, SUB-SEEING ... and more!

° Screen Reader Special: Allows Non / Sub sighted users a specific use of KarAll by providing their own vocal synthesis and replacing the general screen-reader more efficiently
° Speech Karaoke Helper: Karaoke text suggestion. Allows you to listen to the lyrics of the lyric on headphones. It is also a prompter for the correct pronunciation for foreign language songs, a very welcome function for ALL!